Personal Life Coaching

While Life Coaching is not “Therapy” it can help you repair and improve many aspects of your personal life so you may move forward with confidence to create a fulfilling, purposeful life of substance.

Personal coaching sessions are available to provide the following assistance:

  • Self Esteem Issues / Confidence
  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Household Organization (family, home, etc)
  • Self Awareness
  • Will Power
  • Relationship Issues
  • Personal Fulfillment / Finding Purpose
  • Procrastination Issues
  • Appearance
  • Happiness
  • Social Challenges

Enlisting the services of a Life Coach can dramatically help you overcome ‘life’s curves’ or roadblocks and provide you with the tools to reconcile personal setbacks.

The purpose of a Life Coach in these areas is to simply assist you in a friendly, professional, non-threatening, objective & truthful manner  hence is often more effective than sharing your thoughts with friends or family.

The reason is simply because your friends will:

a) Often hold back or not be as honest as they could or should be due to fear of hurting your feelings or damaging the relationship.

b) May be afraid of giving you the wrong advice… or… overstepping boundaries.

c) Many times,  friends or family wish to ‘protect’ you so may not be as forthcoming or empowering when it comes to encouraging you to test the water or try new things. (In other words, they will often hold you back).

d)  Sometimes… believe it or not, those closer to you do not like to see you take risks or make changes for fear of ‘losing’ you (so to speak) or feeling left behind!

While I certainly won’t hurt your feelings I will empower you to solve issues, move forward and keep your best interest at heart.  Because of the difference in relationship (compared to family and friends) As a Life Coach, I will assist from a totally different perspective.

For lack of a better description, I’m a “friend” you  can rely on in a professional circumstance who will remain empowering, (yet not forceful), will be your cheering and steering committee (yet remain unattached and non-punishing).

In other words, I will be your accountability partners to help you forge ahead in the direction of your choice always striving for success with your best interest at heart.

It is always my mission to provide unattached advice and a variety of options in a non-judgmental, gentle fashion to help you help yourself across boundaries and through personal issues to reach the next level in life.

My purpose is NOT to have you as a client for the rest of your life, but simply be available to assist you through various transitions as long as it takes until eventually,  you will have developed the skills and enough self awareness to solve your own issues and create your own direction with success… by yourself… with confidence!

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